Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Where do you refurbish your screens?
Our screens are all refurbished here in Australia, on-site in Condell Park in New South Wales. We have developed unique technology and processes that restore screens to the highest quality. The end result is nothing less than the most sustainable LCD screens to help your business.

Should I send screens that are VERY badly damaged?
Thanks to our highly skilled team and cutting edge machinery, there is a good chance we can refurbish even very damaged screens. We suggest including them with your shipment, and if they cannot be refurbished we will return them to you (unlike other companies that keep them.)

How long will you take to get my screens back to me?
We understand how important refurbished screens can be to your business, so we aim for a 7 working day turnaround on all our jobs. Every time you prepare a shipment and submit your inventory, we’ll discuss the process with you, so you’ll know exactly how long you’ll have to wait. If this isn’t good enough, you can sell us your screens and use the account credit to buy screen from our online store.

I’m tired of having my LCDs ‘lost’ or ‘damaged beyond repair’ and kept by the refurbisher. How do I know you won’t refurbish a percentage of my screens and sell the rest yourself?
This is a common issue within the industry and something we take very seriously. To combat it, we have implemented an inventory check process whereby we discuss your inventory with you before assessing the damage. Any that don’t pass our tests are returned to you upon request along with the refurbished screens. This means you never lose any inventory. For your peace of mind, label your screens with a unique sticker, stamp or signature.

My business is based in New Zealand/Tasmania/Fiji/Antarctica, can you still help me?
We will happily service any businesses in the Australasian region. Simply sign up here and we’ll get started!

Do you do personal screen refurbishments, or only business and bulk orders?
Due to the machinery and scale with which we work, we only work with a minimum of 30 screens per run. If you have a special request, just contact us and we will do what we can.

Is it safe to mail my screens?
Unlike most other refurbishers currently in the market, our refurbishing centre is based right here in New South Wales, Australia. That means, no delays at customs, import/export tax or potentially dodgy overseas mail services or couriers.

How should I get them to you?
We would recommend using registered post that requires a signature, or a reliable courier service of your choosing. We can organise to get them picked up from your office with Fastway couriers if business is booming and you just can’t seem to find time to get to the post office.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept Direct credit, cash, Eftpos, PayPal, Mastercard & Visa. If you’re not sure how to pay, just contact us here.

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