Specialist LCD Refurbishers – Discover Our Difference

The best parts.

The best service.

The best value.

The Refurb Lab is Sydney’s leading LCD specialists and we’re proud of it! Opened in 2013 we have improved our innovative processes and brought in state of the art tools The Refurb Lab produce the best screen assemblies in the industry.

The Refurb Lab understands what repairers want with our retail repair shop/sister company been running since 2007. We have a team just like you coming across the same issues!

We are not just a wholesaler… The Refurb Lab works in the industry every step of the way from our office and employees on the ground in China to our manufacturing and quality control division here in Australia right through to wholesale and then retail repairs.

We are the company you can turn to and trust when you have a question about that next annoying repair!

Our uniquely transparent processes are designed to give our customers full control while building partnerships you can trust.

We provide a legally binding warranty to guarantee the quality of our work.

The Process – See How We Do It

If you send us a working original apple screen with no blemishes, we can refurbish it with new glass, polarizers, optically clear adhesive, cold-pressed frames and back lights that meet the same specifications as original.

If that’s not quick enough we can buy those screens back off you and then you can use that credit to buy screens from our online store or simply cash out. We keep thousands of screens in stock so overnight delivery to most areas around Australia is achievable.

We provide a vastly quicker turnaround than overseas suppliers, combined with an open, honest, and transparent solution to get your screens tested and refurbished. You will have open access to the status of your LCDs throughout the repair process.

By choosing The Refurb Lab, you are:

  • Improving your bottom line, by massively reducing your cost of goods.

  • Growing your reputation, by providing quality repairs that your customers will love.

  • Choosing the only high-quality screen manufacturing and refurbishment service based in Australia.

  • Saving time and money with better service, quality of parts and transparency.

What makes The Refurb Lab different?